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Cut Down Custom | VW Kombi Bus-to-Pickup Conversion

This ‘single cab’ from builders Classic Han’s Room at first seemed like another cool, lowered ‘splitty’. But, upon closer inspection and a conversation with builder Wahyu Cross, I discovered that this particular custom Volkswagen pickup actually started life as a bus.

Dale-Dragger | 1936 Ford Coupe Custom

Dale French is a regular, friendly face around the Victorian hot rod and custom car shows. We featured Dale’s stunning ‘54 Chev in an old issue of Fuel Magazine and he’s always got another interesting project on the go.

Kustom Style | Yokohama-Based Lifestyle Shop

I didn’t go to the 2013 Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show, but I did, of course, see heavy coverage from the event. Amidst all the incredible cars and bike I was seeing, something stood out for me; a metal flaked, airbagged lowrider-style Camaro...

LE(Y)AK: Kedux Garage Honda Supra

After a quick lap around his workshop and trendy retail space I spotted a bike I hadn’t seen while I was researching the workshop. Covered in hand formed bodywork and looking like a shrunken Shinya Kimura creation the bike was one of his very first personal builds which began in 2008 and went on to win 3rd place at the 2012 Kustomfest in Jogjakarta.