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Thompson Tribute | Anthony Darwin's 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

Needless to say, I fell in love with this thing and immediately posted it on the Fuel Instagram site. Within a few days, what looked like the same exact car was posted on Instagram by a friend of mine in Australia. So, there is a number ‘3’ Mickey Thompson tribute car running around the Melbourne area and it is owned by Anthony Darwin. Earlier this year, FM caught up with Anthony to find out a bit more history regarding his silver MT tribute Corvette.

Kustom Style | Yokohama-Based Lifestyle Shop

I didn’t go to the 2013 Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show, but I did, of course, see heavy coverage from the event. Amidst all the incredible cars and bike I was seeing, something stood out for me; a metal flaked, airbagged lowrider-style Camaro...

Historic Muscle: Ian Ross’ 427 Shelby Cobra

I always look forward to the FUEL Coffee and Classics gatherings held in Port Melbourne. I most enjoy seeing the unexpected and unusual collection of vehicles that turn up. In the past, everything from ex-military vehicles, LA inspired low riders, to concours level restored classics have made an appearance. Just when you think every corner of motoring culture has been represented, something different appears and reminds us why we bothered to wake up early on a Saturday morning.

Aussie Spec: 2016 Australian Roush Mustang GT

For us car fans here in Australia, the announcement that the 2016 Mustang was to be produced in right hand drive and available to skid right of your local Ford dealer lot was welcome news. Mustang Motorsport in Ferntree Gully, just east of Melbourne, have added another level to that enthusiasm...

Kit Racer: 1973 Dodge Challenger Race Car

In the early-1970s, Chrysler came up with a unique program to help promote its vehicles in sportsman-level circle-track racing. These were racecars in kit form, released through their then-distributor Petty Enterprises and developed by the legendary Larry Rathgeb, who was also part of the streamlined Charger Daytona and Plymouth Superbird programs.