What are Fuel Magazine and Tank Moto?

They are automotive publications produced in Melbourne, Australia. We publish Australian content primarily, with added articles from overseas to mix it up. In Fuel you’ll find hot rods, custom cars, muscle cars, some Euro and Japanese cars, motorcycles, and a few ladies added in to the mix. In Tank it’s pure motorcycle indulgence ranging from stock bikes to custom bike, race bikes, artists, events and lifestyle features.

Each issue is printed on high quality paper and our customers say that our magazines are “more like a coffee table book than a magazine.”


Can I submit material? 

Absolutely, see our contact page for details.


How big are the magazines? 

A4 format and around 600g in weight each.


Can I buy them online?

Yes. We have an online shop stocking the magazines as well as other items including shirts, stickers, art prints and other high quality publications.

All prices are listed in Australian dollars.


Where can I buy it in person?

Both titles are distributed through the Australian newsagency network, as well as independent stockists around the world.


Can I get a subscription for Fuel Magazine or Tank Moto?

Not at the moment.


Why not?

We've got lots of projects on the go that all need some love and attention. The time between magazine releases will now be a little bit longer.


But I have a subscription already, what does that mean for me?

Send an email to our director Luke personally at luke [at] fuel-press.com. He will be more than happy to chat.


Do you ship to my country and how much will it cost? How do I calculate shipping?

Add an item to your cart from the shop page and select your country from the menu. Click ‘update total’ and a final amount will be displayed.

All prices are listed in Australian dollars.


Can you do a better deal on shipping?

No. Postage rates are set by Australia Post, not us.


Do I get a tracking number?

All items are shipped by standard mail without tracking. Email us if you'd like to pay for tracked shipping. 


I want back issues but you’ve sold out. Where can I get them?

If an issue is sold out in our store, it is no longer available through us. You could try looking through the stockists page. There may be a reseller with some back issues left.


Are you sure...? You definitely don't have any in stock?

Nope, nada.


Do you publish digital editions?

No, but check out our blog as we publish articles in full through there.