Nostalgia Lane at The Sydney Hot Rod & Custom Show [Photo Gallery]

Words and Photography Chris Cooper: [ Web // Instagram ]

Feeling that the Australian scene, especially Sydney, was lacking an indoor show that was dedicated to a certain style of car, Sean Hagarty and Andy Colalillo conceived the idea of 'Nostalgia Lane' over a few brewskie’s at the Outkast C.C. HQ.

Approaching mutual friends Andy and Donna who are behind the annual Sydney Hot Rod & Custom show, their idea was welcomed with opened arms. The plan was to dedicate an entire hall to Car Clubs of Australia that were formed on the fundamentals and styles of Traditional Hot Rods & Customs, '60s Drag Cars, Lowriders and Bombs.


It's an event that has obviously been heavily influenced by the Suede Palace at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona and the Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama that we all love and know so well. Mooneyes were well represented at the event, with the MOON Dragster in attendance along with top dogs Shige and Chico in support. 

Heading to the bar at 11am and strolling around a beautiful venue, feeling euphoric from an atmosphere only felt overseas and being mesmerized by seeing familiar and not so familiar cars displayed in a completely different light was an amazing experience.


All expectations were blown away and I personally can’t wait for next year and the refinements they add along the way.

Chris Cooper.