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LE(Y)AK: Kedux Garage Honda Supra

After a quick lap around his workshop and trendy retail space I spotted a bike I hadn’t seen while I was researching the workshop. Covered in hand formed bodywork and looking like a shrunken Shinya Kimura creation the bike was one of his very first personal builds which began in 2008 and went on to win 3rd place at the 2012 Kustomfest in Jogjakarta.

Café Racer: Dia De Los Motos Honda CL350

I didn’t get into bikes till I was about ten years old when my dad surprised me for Christmas with a KDX80.  From then on I was hooked at riding two wheels. I never really got into the dirt biking scene but really enjoyed just riding on the road more...

TON UP: AMS Garage Honda CB200 Café Racer

We’d just finished setting up our makeshift photo studio outside the Kustomfest hall. Scrutineering was about to get underway so before all the bikes started lining up we needed to find a test subject to give it a trial run. About an hour earlier a bike had been unloaded nearby in the carpark that caught our attention...