A Pair of Pontiacs | Frank Falzon's 1966 GTO & 1974 Formula Firebird

Frank Falzon has American gasoline running through his veins. His love for US muscle has seen him own some wild machines over the years, culminating in the two beauties that we have here. He’s also the president of the Camaro Firebird Owners Club of Australia Inc. and a busy family man. His current rides are a 1966 Pontiac GTO and a 1974 Pontiac Formula Firebird.

SIX ONE | An Australian Custom Automotive Exhibition

SIX ONE is a brand new Australian custom vehicle exhibition being hosted by myself and Geoff Baldwin from Return of the Cafe Racers. We’ve been talking about doing an event for a while now, and we’re excited to announce that the first SIX ONE will be held on the 27th April this year at the Seaworks Maritime Precinct in Williamstown, Victoria…

New Stock | Fuel Tank Jerry Can Tee

It took us a while, but we finally got around to making a Fuel Tank jerry can logo tee. It’s a simple black tee with an orange and white print on the left breast and our standard hem tag and collar print detailing.

KIZUNA—RWB Indonesia 006 Porsche 911

This project started out as one of Terror Garage owner Yanto’s personal builds a few years ago. He wanted to build a car with a simple concept, a nice clean look. Nakai-san worked on two cars, both of them completed in 3 ½ days from start to finish on the Terror Garage premises. He doesn’t hang about, this guy…

Beautiful Machines BMW R1100RS

The build took around four months collectively. This was a personal build, belonging to one of the founders, Rajay Singh. So, we had to work around other concurrent client builds as well. We had the bike for a while and it rode fine and well, but it came a time where the itch started and we thought we'd take a go at it and try something different with this one.

Time Capsule Coupe | Survivor 1932 Ford Hot Rod

The now faded red coupe was originally modified into a hot rod. The body sports classic custom mods such as a heavily chopped top, channelled body, custom firewall and shaved drip rails. The original Flathead motor had all of the available speed upgrades for the time…