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Chasing 'A's In An RS | Ford Focus RS Limited Edition Road Report

Earlier this year, Andy of Classic & Custom Garage in Melbourne approached me to get involved with a new project that they had just taken on. Their customer, Duncan, had brought in a Model A Ford hot rod project that Andy and the team were to get ready for a momentous event that was rapidly approaching; The 90th anniversary of the Model A…

Australian Made — The Cars Of Mad Max: Fury Road

Monday morning, right after a full-on week for Mark Natoli. Mad: Max Fury Road had opened in Sydney on the Thursday prior, the world premiere of the film. Various Fury Road vehicles had been shipped in for the premiere and extensive marketing exercises leading up to it.

Aussie Spec: 2016 Australian Roush Mustang GT

For us car fans here in Australia, the announcement that the 2016 Mustang was to be produced in right hand drive and available to skid right of your local Ford dealer lot was welcome news. Mustang Motorsport in Ferntree Gully, just east of Melbourne, have added another level to that enthusiasm...