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HEMI DUTY | Pro Stock Dodge Challenger Race Car

David Guy grew up around cars. The forty-four year old has fond memories of drag meets and hot rod shows from his youth, spending time with his father and the Thunderbirds hot rod club in Melbourne. Not many of these stories end with a full father-son resto project though, and what a project for them to take on; Kevin Monk’s old Dodge Challenger race car.

Kit Racer: 1973 Dodge Challenger Race Car

In the early-1970s, Chrysler came up with a unique program to help promote its vehicles in sportsman-level circle-track racing. These were racecars in kit form, released through their then-distributor Petty Enterprises and developed by the legendary Larry Rathgeb, who was also part of the streamlined Charger Daytona and Plymouth Superbird programs.

Power Wagon: Macho Mopar Pickup

Following the glorious muscle car era, the sudden shock created by the fuel crisis in 1974 pitched the American auto industry into a black hole of emasculated engines and styling best described as fruity as a nutcake. Over at Chrysler however, there was one room the fun police had yet to force their way into. It was where the real men hung out – the Dodge truck division.