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Tried & Tested: TriBSA Sidecar racer

Words: Geoff Baldwin Photography: Luke Ray.

In the early eighties the build of the Francis family TriBSA sidecar started thanks to Allen’s good friend Don Cooper. Don and Allen were racing a BMW R69S and were enjoying some success before a couple of “catastrophic” blow ups. Allen decided it was probably wise to have a back-up incase they experienced another blow up and were left sitting on the sideline. As it turned out, Don had a frame, a set of BMW forks with a front wheel and other various bits and pieces which he donated to the cause. With that Allen decided to put together a Triumph/BSA racing outfit like he had owned in the ‘60s and the project began.

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A Triumph of Design: The Redstar Bobber

If I wasn’t spending all my time writing about Café Racers I’d probably be spending it writing about Triumph Bobbers instead. I don’t know what it is about a classic Triumph motor sitting in a hardtailed frame but it certainly looks good to me. As it turns out I’m not the only one with this cross culture obsession in custom motorcycles but unlike me, Marty Towers has turned his obsession into a business that all started with this bike, the Red Star Bobber.

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Orange Bomb: Richard Townsend’s Triumph Bobber

My interest in Triumphs was started after finding pictures of my dad and his pre-unit Triumph that he owned back in the ‘50s.

I bought this bike in 2007 after mentioning to my brother that I was looking for a Triumph to cut up. A week later he called to say he found an old 80s chopper sitting in a shed 10 minutes from where I live with a seized motor. Two grand changed hands and it was mine.

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