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Project Porsche 914 | Wheels And Tyres

Sourcing aftermarket wheels for a Porsche 914, if you want something different, is not easy. The combination of a 4x130 Volkswagen stud pattern, a weirdly outboard position of the 914’s hubs and the fixed position of stock ‘narrow body’ fenders limits the choices somewhat…

Project Porsche 914 | Primer Time

Andrew and his guys have been cracking on, making great progress on the Project Porsche 914 body. This week I was invited to go in and take a look on the day that they were prepping the surfaces for the first coat of primer.

Project Porsche 914 | The Concept

I'm excited to show the first official Fuel Magazine Porsche 914 project car theme rendering. I did a few scrappy pen sketches in-house myself and then handed the concept over to pro-designer Pete Elliott who produced this stunning work of art. He certainly pulled off what I'm going for with the project.