Project Porsche 914 | Wheels And Tyres


Sourcing aftermarket wheels for a Porsche 914, if you want something different, is not easy. The combination of a 4x130 Volkswagen stud pattern, a weirdly outboard position of the 914’s hubs and the fixed position of stock ‘narrow body’ fenders limits the choices somewhat. Outside of the stock or original option wheels (and reproductions of both groups), there’s not much to choose from. Yes, you’ve got the Minilite/Superlite/Panasport route, but check the first line above (re: DIFFERENT), then that’s out too.

After some chin rubbing and lots of Googling, my pal Cole Foster in California piped up and said “what about those magnesium-looking-old-school-racing-style rims that Mooneyes make?” The solution that was looking for was right in front of me all along…

My old pal ‘Rodney’ wearing a set of Speedmasters back in 2008.

My old pal ‘Rodney’ wearing a set of Speedmasters back in 2008.

Some years ago, I had a trusy, crusty old Beetle, on to which I put what I’m pretty sure was then the first set of wide-5 stuf pattern Mooneyes Speedmasters in Australia. I knew that they came in fully polished or with grey centres, which is what my Beetle had. So I gave another pal a nudge, Shige Suganuma from Moon in Japan, to see what he had in stock. Lucky me, he had just one set left in the Moon warehouse in 4x130 and with the very strange +40mm offset that was going to fit the bill. The deal was done (with a neat discount — thanks, Shige) and my new rims set sail from Yokohama to Melbourne.

As nice as they looked when they arrived, all shiny and polished, the theme of this project is greay paint with dark detailing. Shiny wheels do not fit in to the look that I’m going for, so out came the cloth tape to mask them all up.


Next up, Carlo at Square One Sandblasting in Melbourne’s western suburbs gave them the once-over to take of the smooth finish and to prep them for…

… a few coats of DIY rattle can primer. I used Dulux Metalshield Etch Primer, gradually spraying on around 4-5 coats.


Once the primer was hardened, I stuck with Dulux Metalshield and let loose with a few cans of Monument Grey. It’s the darkest grey possible in metal paint before black. I didn’t want to go for black, I wanted something different that would reduce the spare-wheel look and compliment the car’s theme.

All done. Again, 4-5 coats and the tape came off. I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out and I’m keen to see how the grey is going to sit next to the body colour.


Next up, a round trip to first see Antique Tyres for some new boots — BF Goodrich Radial T/As in 205/50 R15. I went for the raised white letter T/As as a bit of a nod to the classic muscle car look. Of course, muscle car this is not, but it’s a salute to the ‘70s street-racer vibe, which sits nicely with this project.

Then on to Rotunda Revival where the car’s bodywork is being done.

We offered up a wheel to the rear guards to check out the offset and fitment. There will need to be a few tweaks here and there, but overall the wheels are a good fit, both literally and visually.

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