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Design Detail: The 1961 Lincoln Continental

By Craig Metros.

After World War II the design, engineering, and manufacturing of automobiles in the United States reached new heights. American soldiers returned home in search of the American Dream. The dream was an aspiration to obtain a family, a home and among other things, an automobile. To respond to the increasing demand, American car manufacturers began introducing new models on a regular basis. Major changes were made every two or three years. Minor modifications were made every year.

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Australian Special: Ken Godfrey's Custom 1963 Lincoln Continental

Words Karlee Sangster Photography Luke Ray.

It’s a great story. Born in 1947, Ken Godfrey headed off to school each day, clutching his lunch money. He never bought lunch however, preferring to save the week’s worth until Friday afternoons, when he would stop by the local newsagency on his way home. That lunch money bought more than just sandwiches. It bought the 14 year old his dream world: hot rod and custom magazines. Not content with simply flipping through the pages, Ken began drawing his own versions of the machines before him. His son Michael recalls: “Not many people knew he could draw but his sketches are incredible. He also used to draw a lot of Ed Roth (Ratfink) styled pictures.”

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