BRAIN FADE | 1930 Model A Tudor Hot Rod


Photography Luke Ray

If you’ve been to any hot rod events over the last 12 months, then you will know Kyle Smith’s ‘Brain Fade’ well. A showcase of Kyle’s extraordinary painting talents, Kyle painted his Model A in just 30 days. Mr Smith, do tell us more…


KS: This car is chopped five inches, channelled five inches. It runs a 308 Holden engine with a 671 blower., Aussie Speed manifold. T5 five-speed gearbox, Borg Warner rear end.

It's a nice car to drive, despite how heavily modified it is.


Webby from Webby's Speedshop in Newcastle, New South Wales built the car.

I set about personalising the car, making it my own by setting myself a 30-day challenge to get the car painted for The 2017 Boogaloo Invitational, 900 km from Sydney in Castlemaine, Victoria. I finished it in three weeks.


The project was sponsored by DNA paints and the release of the car was the 2017 Boogaloo Invitational.

I drove the car for the trip and back, totalling 1,800km. The car didn't miss a beat the whole time.

Follow Kyle: @smithconcepts.