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Clothing Line UNIONWELL is a brand that started from the idea to connect and unite individuals with common hobbies, characteristics, lifestyles, and visions. Established in 2012 in Bandung, Indonesia, the brand was founded by two souls, best friends who have those common similarities yet different backgrounds and industries; Yudhi Febriantono and Davidbayu Danangjoyo.

Yudhi is CEO and founder of several clothing lines in Indonesia while David is the vocal frontliner of Indonesian indie band Naif. Both of them always have room in their heart for the dynamic industry of fashion, art, music, vintage goods, and on top of all, motorcycles.

The brand was highly influenced thus named after their first classic motorcycles, DKW UNION. Bearing the origin of the word 'union' and 'well', they formed the brand as something to unify the wellness. In addition to that, since the world of motorcycle is their passion, they completed the brand with a tagline: "For the goodness in ride."

The philosophical process also happened when they created its logo, taking the conceptual form of the horse with a head of a dragon that derived from their Chinese zodiac signs and inspired by one of the classic and legendary oil brands.

Mission Statement.

The clothing brand UNIONWELL is made around a vintage motorcycle theme. Gentlemanly in spirit and the finest handmade design. What differentiates UNIONWELL is the four classifications of the brand itself: UNIONWELL, purveyor of goods, coffee, barber shop and motorcycles located in Jl Progo no 1, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Since its establishment, UNIONWELL has a particular mission as its brand identity: to unite, not to compete. Competition is irrelevant.

Products and Services.

The brand, therefore, has collaborated on several projects with other brands, artists, organisations and other entities. To name a few: shoes (Wayout Rock ‘n’ Roll, Olddog, Minen), helmets (Elders, Freeflow, Kallos), T-shirts (Fuel Magazine, Pistol Magazine, Picker Store), and hair pomade (Hell Yeah).

UNIONWELL only distributes their products through their physical shop in Bandung and across the online web shop. The brand is now well known and has reached the European market (Spain, France, Italy), US market (California, New York, Miami), Asian market (Singapore, and Malaysia), and Australia.

This July, UNIONWELL has been invited and will participate in the ‘Agenda’ tradeshow event in Long Beach, CA.

Company Goals and Objectives.

In the future, UNIONWELL has plans to launch three flagship shops located across big cities in Indonesia and to expand its distribution in the US, Europe, across Asia, Japan, and Australia. Several collaboration projects from UNIONWELL are already planned with a purpose to elevate the scene and creative communities of motorcycle fashion globally.

"We don't focus on how much we can get, we focus on how much we can give.”

See the range here: unionwelloriginal.com

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