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Pick of the Bunch: Indonesia's Starken 96 Garage Yamaha XS650

One of the best things about being an invited guest at Kustomfest in Indonesia earlier this year was the opportunity to award someone’s bike as my pick of the show. It wasn’t so much the fact that I was being seen as someone important enough to give the award (which was a pretty humbling experience), but more about the fact that I had the chance to make someone feel pretty special at an event with attendance numbers of well over 20,000.

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Raw Steel: Dallas Augustine's Yamaha XS650 Bobber

The decision was made; I wanted a new project to get stuck in to. I posted a wanted ad for an early Yamaha XS650. The rattier the better as I knew I was going to chop it up. I run my own fence building service. I found a bike in Ballarat that was registered and ready to go. It was a little far from my home in Box Hill, but this guy needed a new fence and I needed a new bike...

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