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Words & Photography Luke Ray

Last month I headed over to Indonesia again for the fifth year in a row as an invited guest to the Kustomfest car & bike event in Jogjakarta. It’s always good to squeeze in some extra-curricular activities into these trips. This time I headed to the city of Bandung after Kustomfest to catch up with some friends, one of them being Michael Lesmana of Terror Garage.

You may recognise the Terror Garage name as I’ve been there before. My first visit was in 2015 which resulted in one of the Terror RWB cars making it on to the cover of Fuel Magazine issue 21. We also published an article on their stunning RWB Indonesia roadster via this blog.


Michael, Yanto and the team at Terror Garage had not done any RWB Indonesia builds since those projects, so when I saw that they had completed two brand new builds at the same time, just a matter of weeks before I was due to head to Bandung, I was pretty excited to see the fresh meat. It was a great afternoon at Terror catching up with Michael and I photographed both of the new builds one after the other. I’ll come to the other later, but here’s the sinister-looking 1984 model up first.

This project started out as one of Terror Garage owner Yanto’s personal builds a few years ago. He wanted to build a car with a simple concept, a nice clean look. The colour was Michael’s idea. They had rebuilt Yanto’s 1952 Split-screen Porsche 356 previously in this murky green and Michael was sure it was going to work on the 911. It’s called Moor Green and it’s a super-rare Porsche colour that was only seen on a handful of Pre-A 356s in the ‘50s. It definitely does work. Combined with the black interior and detailing, it gives the car a purposeful look.


Yanto was keen on a black interior. Terror Garage have added many of their own touches, fabricating parts such as pull switches, door pull handles and reproduction RSR seats. This theme continues around the exterior of the car where TG have designed and fabricated parts such as the engine grille, with their signature pill-shaped holes cut out. I have to be honest, I’m feeling a little inspired right now for my Porsche 914 project…

It was three years ago that the car was painted and kitted out with all these neat touches. Fast forward to 2017 and good friend to Yanto and Michael, Handi B, wanted in on an RWB. Up until this point, Terror were only doing RWB projects for themselves within Indonesia. But, Yanto felt that he wanted to grow the RWB presence in Indonesia, so he encouraged Handi B to be the first RWB customer outside of Terror Garage. Handi had his heart set on the Moor Green car. A deal was done and Handi became the proud new owner.

With another customer looking to also give his 911 the RWB treatment at a similar this year, the bookings were made, the dates were set and in September Nakai-san flew over to work his magic.

If you’re not familiar with the RWB process, let me briefly fill you in. Rauh-Welt Begriff is a brand run by Akira Nakai from his workshops in Japan and California. RWB make bodykits and suspension upgrades for Porsche 911s and when a customer orders a kit, Nakai-san himself travels to the customer location to fit the new parts.


As I mentioned earlier, for this trip Nakai-san worked on two cars, both of them completed in 3 ½ days from start to finish on the Terror Garage premises. He doesn’t hang about, this guy. Nakai-san also set up the stance of the car with new Aragosta coilovers to get the car sitting as he wants it. It’s Nakai-san’s job to get the car looking just right before he packs up and heads home to Japan after each build.


The wheels are Fiften52 x Magnus Walker Outlaws, it’s the second time that Terror have used the unusual 17 inch size. They first hand some made for their RWB Speedster project a few years ago. Michael wasn’t keen on the 18s and 19s and he felt the 15s and 16s were too small for that particular car. When Michael and Yanto travelled to the States they hooked up with Magnus to work on the unique size. The guys were pretty happy to get the first Outlaw wheels in 17 inch back then and I think they look just right on this new project.


The engine is still work in progress, so camera lenses were not invited to poke around back there. This car is still an ongoing project with the engine the last piece of the puzzle to fall in to place soon.


Stay tuned for the other car that was built at the same time as this one; Wawan Dalbo’s 1967 SWB 911.


Follow Terror Garage: @terrorgarage.

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