The RWB Indonesia Speedster

Words & Photography: Luke Ray.

The full length version of this story can be seen in Fuel Magazine issue 21, available now.

Located in the suburban streets of Bandung, Terror Garage is a petrolhead’s haven. Well, petrolheads who like early Volkswagens and Porsches anyway. It’s a place that had been on my radar for some time, but I could only watch in wonder as their social media posts popped up to show the projects that were being worked on. Even more interestingly, Terror Garage recently became the Indonesian HQ for Rauh-Welt Begriff, or ‘RWB’.

RWB is a company based in Japan who “combine Japanese and Euro tuning elements, creating the distinct RWB style for Porsche chassis”, in their own words. RWB honcho, Akira Nakai, started the brand with a goal to customise Porsches in Japan, but with an ever-increasing interest in his work, Nakai-san now travels the world applying his parts to customer cars.

With another trip to Indonesia in the works (our third in twelve months - we can’t get enough of the place) for Kustomfest in October this year and a few extra days planned in Bandung, the stars finally aligned and a visit to Terror Garage was locked. We spent an amazing day there, looking, shooting and of course talking with TG founders Yanto Widodo and Michael Lesmana.

Of the four RWB builds that Terror Garage have completed so far, this is the most recent. Based on a 930 model 911, it’s also the most customised car that they have built to date. The base car started out life as a 1980 convertible in pretty good shape. It had to be, as the timing for the project was tight, very tight. Nakai-san can’t come and build an RBW car at any given time. He’s a busy guy, and getting busier all the time.

When Yanto and Michael decided to take on this project it was August of this year. The next slot when Nakai-san was free was to be October and his flights were booked, so the pressure was on. I asked Michael for a walk-around to show me the work that they had done to the Speedster.

For the full article on Terror Garage, the RWB Speedster and Terror's first build, Erabareshi-Mono, check out the new Fuel Magazine issue 21, available now.