An Interview With The Outkast Garage Car Club At The Boogaloo Traditional Hot Rod Event

Interview & Photography: Luke Ray.

The Oukasts are a small group of mates who get regularly get together to talk about and work on some cool customs and hot rods. The guys made the 800km road trip from Sydney down to The Boogaloo event in Victoria recently, to which we also went and published our coverage right here. I grabbed the Outkasts on the Sunday morning of the show to catch up for a five minute interview.

Who are you? Introduce the club…

We’re the Outkasts C.C. from Sydney. We are Andy Colalillo, Josh Ballard, Sean Hagarty.

How often do you guys get together, what do you do?

Andy - Every Thursday night, drinks in the shed!

Josh - And pretty much every weekend too, talking and working on our projects.

Why did you come to the Boogaloo? What’s the pull?  

Andy - Des (Russell) the organiser contacted me late last year with the idea. He sent a group message around to a few people saying that he had an idea and asking what we thought. He asked us to help get list of some people together from Sydney. So, we worked together on making the list with him and the show is now what you see here.

How was the trip down from Sydney?

Andy: It was a good drive. We took a detour to stop in at Ballarat which was a worthwhile addition to the trip as we picked up Sean’s ‘34 5-window coupe.

What cars have you brought with you to the Boogaloo?

Andy: My ‘31 Ford Tudor. Josh: A 1931 Ford Coupe. Sean: 1960 Pontiac Bonneville custom.

What did you do to get the cars ready for the trip down?

Andy: Stripped the paint off the Tudor to bring it back to bare metal. Set up a pop-out front window and a couple of other things to clean it up for the show.

Josh: Two weeks before the show we did a five inch roof chop on the coupe and pieced it all back together over a fortnight to bring it down. I bought the car in October last year and it sat in the back yard untouched until two weeks before the Boogaloo when everything started!

Sean: We’ve put pleated wheel wells in the Pontiac, changed the front headlights, just a few mild touches.

Andy: We brought a bike down too, a ‘69 Bonneville which we finished just in time for the show.

Photo: Andy Colalillo

Photo: Andy Colalillo

What do you think of The Boogaloo?

Collectively: Awesome!

Josh: It’s the right cars, the right people and it’s got the perfect atmosphere.

How would you describe it to other people who may be considering attending next year?

Andy: It’s a traditional hot rod event. If you’re in to these kinds of cars and bikes, this is the one to come to.

Follow the Outkasts: @outkastgarage.