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Carkrush builds community through networking, education and connecting women to the process of building, maintaining and driving their dream car. All of the women we photograph own the car that they are photographed with. The money made goes directly into the car, and the entire process is documented. There will be cruising, adventures, clutch dumping, burnouts, drag races, hot dogging, boasting, projects and parties. We believe in safety first. Learn how to drive your car, and then drive it into the sunset.

Who We Are

Carkrush is an organisation formed through a creative partnership of designers, photographers and car enthusiasts. We create digital and physical experiences to express women’s passion and enthusiasm for their cars. By bringing these experiences to market we are able to support, promote and educate women in the pursuit of attaining their automotive dreams.

What We Do

Carkrush works with women who have a passion for their cars, whether they are daily drivers or projects that are in the process of being rebuilt. We believe in dedication and devotion over era and type of car, and we are interested in the diversity of car enthusiasm as our core philosophy. We support education and outreach through connecting women to the process of building, maintaining and driving their dream car by touring garages and shops, facilitating engaged relationships between those we work with and their rides.

Every car owner has a story, a source of passion and a reason for dedication. Your first crush, your first time driving over 100mph, your first taste of freedom. Your dad, sister, mum or brother that got you into it. The way it drives, the way it sounds, the looks of envy and appreciation, the thumbs up. The feel of the steering wheel in your hands, the clutch pedal under your foot, the awe inspiring power of internal combustion. It’s the shape and colour, the shiny chrome, the fins the ‘80s angles, the big tough rear ends. It’s the prestige, the mud, an 11 second quarter mile or a slow casual cruise.

There’s always a story, and Carkrush tells that story. The story of a woman and her car, of dreams and ideas, of moments in history and tales of adventure. Using these stories to produce visual products and ephemera, Carkrush seeks to illustrate the relationship between women and their cars. In turn, all net profits from the sale of the products goes directly into the car.

Carkrush works with the owner of the car, various mechanics, upholsterers and custom shops, turning dreams into reality, projects into daily drivers. Thorough documentation of this process takes place across a wide range of media such as website, social media, youtube and printed material, creating an engaged and devoted audience.

Our Future Plans

We are clutch dumping speed freaks! We love a handbrake turn, muddin’ and rallying in the snow. To sum it up, we love driving, we also respect it, which is why we support driver education. Beginning in the spring of 2015, Carkrush will host several driver education sessions held at Portland international Speedway. Classes will range in duration and level, from simple skid car control and obstacle course drills to learning racing technique and navigating the optimal track line whilst driving as fast as you can within the limits.

One of our favourite things to do is hit the road, and we will be doing that for several months during the summer of 2015 for our first Carkrush Tour of the States. The women of Carkrush will drive across the States engaging with new automotive communities, checking out car shows, drag races and auto shops whist also recruiting women and their rides to join the Carkrush empire. We will be documenting these communities and building an open forum of conversation and knowledge whilst widening the scope of the Carkrush network. We are interested in regional car tastes, styles and aesthetics and want to bring knowledge recognition of these to a wider audience.

This article first appeared in Fuel Magazine issue 19.

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