[Hoods Melbourne] Artist Profile: Alex Lehours

On July 22nd, the Fuel Magazine x FXD x Holden art project HOODS will take place in Collingwood, Melbourne. Ten talented Australian artists will be showing their work on ten Holden bonnets. Here's an introduction to one of the artists, Sydney based Alex Lehours.

Alex Lehours is a freelance illustrator, artist and designer from Sydney, Australia. His work can be best described as an eccentric explosion of chaos, humour, colour and absolute randomness. A;ex specialises in illustration (both hand-drawn and digital), painting, mural work, typography and branding. With eight years experience, Alex has been lucky enough to work with some exciting clients including Facebook, Stolichnaya Vodka, Converse, Fuel TV Australia, The Black Keys, T-World, Desktop Magazine, Westfield, aMBUSH Gallery, FYVE Snowboards, National Gallery of Victoria and Rolling Stone Magazine Australia.

How would you describe your art?

My art is a fusion of the old and new. A chaotic explosion of colour, humour and absolute randomness.

Who/what are your influences?

My major influences are comic art, sculpture, film noir and pop culture.

How do you go about planning a project?

Usually I start with a brainstorming session where I write down all my initial ideas. From there other ideas spark and once I am happy with a rough direction to head in I put pen to paper and start sketching my chosen ideas. Once this is finalised I scan all my images into the computer and from there I la out my composition. Once I am happy with the layout and colour choices it is time to start the final artwork on whatever surface it may be.

What have you been working on recently?

Recently I have been working on a mix of projects ranging from some illustrations for apparel to large scale mural work.

What attracted you to the HOODS project?

I was attracted to HOODS because it is something different. I always like experimenting by creating art on different surfaces and canvases and I have never painted a car bonnet before. To me the challenge of working with something new is the exciting part.

Follow Alex: @alexlehours.

Or check out his website: alexlehours.com.