1941 Plymouth Coupe


Words & Photography: Luke Ray

This 1941 Plymouth Business Coupe is a car that you could say is out of character for Anthony ‘Arny’ Beimers. A highly skilled craftsman, Arny takes a difficult project on, jumps in feet first, and emerges at the other end with a concours nut & bolt restoration. So, to acquire a finished custom ‘as is’ and not touch it is a somewhat unusual move.

The ‘41 was purchased from Kevin Francis of KA Customs in Huntington Beach California. Arny is a regular visitor to the West Coast shows in the US, and the Chrysler caught his eye during a 2007 visit to the infamous Pamona Swap Meet. “I was actually looking for a 1959 Corvette on that particular trip, but I just couldn’t get the Plymouth out of my mind,” said Arny, “so I bought it instead!”

The car was first built from 2004-2005, and was an award winner at the Grand National Roadster Show in 2006. It now sits in Arny’s garage, awaiting a small transplant. “Currently I have a 354 HEMI built for the car and will fit it once I get through the other projects I have on the go” says Arny.


That is most certainly something to look forward to. Then again, so are all the other projects lurking in the shed, deep in the Victorian landscape.


Engine: 350ci Chev with 1957 Cadillac dress up gear

Transmission: Turbo 700.

10 Bolt Chev diff.

Mustang 2 front end with manual rack and pinion steering

Disc brakes.

Chassis: Stepped with mini tubs .

Body: De-badged, door handles removed and bear claw latches fitted, otherwise stock

Suspension: Airbags

Wheels & Tyres: 15” Smoothies with cross plys

Paint: Cyber green

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