SIX ONE 2019 Event Report [With Photo Gallery]


Words Luke Ray Photography Jason Lau.

Five years of spending time in airport lounges, hotel bars and red-eye flights with the same person is cause for a fair amount of ideas-sharing and brainstorming. Myself and Geoff Baldwin of Return of the Cafe Racers have had the good fortune to have been invited on some eye-opening trips around Asia of late to events such as Kustomfest in Indonesia, Art of Speed in Malaysia and the crowd favourite; the ‘Mooneyes’ Yokohama Hot Rod Custom show in Japan. That’s not to mention everything that we’ve seen and experienced at weekend events here in Australia.

We’ve seen some great things and taken in some remarkable cultures, but the main purpose of the trips has always been to get along to the events. We all know and love auto events. If you’re reading this, you’ve been to a large number of them yourself. There are plenty to choose from and you know what you like. You pick and choose according to your tastes and what you feel you might get out of attending one.


Well, Geoff and I spent a long time, in those hotels, on those planes, talking about how would do an event if we were ever to put one on ourselves. And here we are, just weeks after we finally did just that. We held the first SIX ONE automotive exhibition in Williamstown, just outside Melbourne.

We created an event that had a small number of nicely-built Australian passion projects that came from a wide range of looks and styles.

The concept that we settled on was very straightforward; around thirty motorcycles and the same of cars (trucks, vans etc), all Australian-built and customised vehicles and all displayed in a great venue. And, that’s where we ended up. We booked the stunning Seaworks Maritime precinct which had the vibe that we were looking for and then we sat down and went about inviting some vehicles.

The work delegation consisted of Geoff organising the bikes and myself taking on the four-wheeled vehicles. Getting them signed up was a combination of each of us hand-picking projects that we know and love, alongside an application process that we set up through the SIX ONE event website.


The aim was to do something different, an event that we wanted to go to that didn’t exist yet. Geoff has an interest in a broad range of motorcycle customisation styles and I’m the same with cars. I’m a fan of many different marques and genres from American hot rods to Australian muscle through to cool Volkswagens, Porches and Japanese kaido racers. Just look through this blog and Fuel Magazine and that’s all pretty self-explanatory.

So, that’s what we decided to do. We created an event that had a small number of nicely-built Australian passion projects that came from a wide range of looks and styles. When people read Fuel Magazine and Tank Moto, they comment on appreciating the diversity of builds inside an issue, even if they’re not ‘in to’ certain looks. That’s what we wanted to create with SIX ONE, an event where people could come and be surrounded by vehicles customised in a wide range of styles that they might not usually cross paths with.


We’re really happy with how it all turned out and, going by the feedback that we've had, so did the dedicated crowd that came along to support our first ‘go’. Geoff and I have already sat down and started talking about what to do next. If you’d like to keep in touch with what’s happening as we turn the plans into a reality, please follow the SIX ONE Facebook page and Instagram account.

A special thanks goes out to our fantastic sponsors for the event:

See you at SIX ONE 2020?