Perfect Parking | Porsche Hangar 2018


Words, Photography & Video: Luke Ray.

Last weekend, a meeting of minds and enthusiasts formed the 'Porsche Hangar' event in Geelong, just outside Melbourne. With an old bus depot site right in the centre of Geelong about to be sold off and developed, some likeminded folk got together and decided to see the building off with a bang by inviting around 200 Porsches from around Victoria to come and hang out.

There were Porsches inside, Porsches outside, Porsches parked in the street and Porsches driving around town most of the day. It was a rare chance to see such iconic cars in a particularly unusual location. Will there be another one? Well, let the Melbourne Porsche community know if you have a building in mind and I'm sure they'd be happy to hear some ideas...

Luke RayPorsche, Australia, Event