From Jogja to Yokohama | Dirty Majesty by Queen Lekha Choppers


Last month, we were lucky enough to hit Kustomfest in Yogyakarta, Indonesia for the fourth year on the trot. As part of the invite, we were asked to set up our mobile photo booth, just as we did in 2016. It’s always difficult to choose which of the fantastic custom bikes to run through our booth over the weekend, but one of the latest builds from our friends at Queen Lekha choppers made the cut.


Not only was it a stand-out from Kustomfest, but the bike has been invited to be displayed, along with a handful of other Indonesian customs, at this year’s Mooneyes Hot Rod & Custom Show in Yokohama, Japan this weekend.

We spent a few minutes with  QL head honcho Yayack to chat about ‘Dirty Majesty’.


What’s your name and where do you live?

My name is Yayack. I’m from Queen Lekha Choppers in Jogja, Indonesia.

For how long have you been building bikes? When did the Queen Lekha workshop open?

I started building motorcycles in 2003 and Queen Lekha Choppers was born a 2009.


Do you make your own custom bike projects, or only for customers?

I'm building all my choppers for customers, not for myself.


Do your customers have some ideas for what they want, or do you create the designs yourself?

Originally from my ideas, but then some ideas from the customers also.


How do you start a custom bike project? What’s in your head at the beginning?

Usually when I start a project, the ideas come to me when I'm not thinking about the project on purpose, like just walking around with my little family.

Now, I can bring my country’s name to the international arena.

Japan, I’m ready for you!

Let’s talk about Dirty Majesty…. When did this project start?

Dirty Majesty was built two months before Kustomfest took place this year. This bike is our latest project, so I am really excited.

How did it start? What did the customer say to you?

At last year's Kustomfest, the customer came to see my choppers at the event. My motorcycles did not win last year, but I did get a number prize. My customer said that for 2017, he wanted to build a chopper and win. Obviously it's a burden for me but I felt challenged.


What was your plan and vision in the beginning?

I was thinking about an old-school kind of design this time, but I also combined with frisco and new-school styles.

Actually, I wanted to make a motor that looks luxurious but naughty. My customer likes speed, I could see that from some of the cars where he uses turbos. I used a two-throat carb to strengthen the ‘speedy’ style.


Did you try out some new techniques on this bike that you haven’t done before?

Yes, I did have to make two intake pipes for the carb and I tried to escape from my safe zone. I usually paint the frame, in this case I chromed everything.

Did the design change during the building process?

Not really. After the project started, everything was pretty much fixed.


What is the engine?

A 2003 Harley-Davidson XL1200 Sportster that I bought from eBay in the US and had it shipped to Indonesia. I didn’t change much. I used a competition cam and a two-barrel carburetor. For the carb, I was just curious. Because so many people told me that a two-barrel carb is hard to set up. But, finally I made it work and it rides and looks good.

The wheels..?

They are Invader-style rims. I made them myself. The front is 21” x 1.85” and the rear is 18” x 3”. First I machined the hubs and then I prepared a jig for welding the spokes.


Tell us about the paint.

For the paint, Dani Hacka Craft is the executor, but the design is by me.

Why ‘Dirty Majesty’?

Many people thought that A Sportster bike is just a pussy bike. So for this project, we (Queen Lekha Choppers) tried to deny the stereotype, we wanted to prove that a Sporster can offer a lot more. We attempted to create a shiny and sharp looking bike, to look a like we put something ‘Dirty’ in to it and made it into a ‘Majestic’ thing.

Are you happy with the final bike?

I am very very happy this bike and the final result.


You have been invited to show the bike at Mooneyes in Yokohama this year… How did that happen and are you excited to go?!

I did not expect this bike to go to Yokohama. It’s like a dream and I am very excited to go international. In my eyes, Kustomfest is the biggest event in my country and I can reach it. Now,  I can bring my country’s name to the international arena. Japan, I'm ready for you!

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