Fuel Tank TV Feature 09 | 1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod Coupe

Davids Model A.jpg

David's 1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod Coupe built by Brothers Custom Automotive. Filmed in Detroit, August 2017. Watch the film below.

"I bought a '55 Ford F100 and I brought it to Bill and Autumn at Brothers Custom Automotive to do some work. Through that process, I saw an engine that they had in their lobby. It was this beautiful flathead motor. It had real rare race parts and it was just this beautiful almost piece of art. You know I asked them, "Would you sell that?" and they said "No".

Over the years of working on other cars of mine that they've been working on we developed a friendship. One night we were out drinking tequila and I was able to finally get Bill to put a price on the motor. I bought the motor after a bottle of tequila and a lot of hundred dollar bills. That was the precursor of building this 1931 Ford five-window hot rod coupe." β€” David.

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