[Hoods Melbourne] Artist Profile: Unwell Bunny

On July 22nd, the Fuel Magazine x FXD x Holden art project HOODS will take place in Collingwood, Melbourne. Ten talented Australian artists will be showing their work on ten Holden bonnets. Here's an introduction to one of the artists, Melbourne based Unwell Bunny.

How would you describe your art?

Urban pop expressionism.

Who/what are your influences?

My primary influences come from both graffiti art and pop art. I am first and foremost a graffiti artist, but this is my starting point. Over a developmental period of time, my work has evolved to take on influence from a world of commercial advertising, pop culture, neo cubism and expressionistic flow of a subconscious narrative I call substitution. My work draws from both my background and my immediate experiences and influences, I am inspired by an instant experience, but also a sense of nostalgia which I find in the graffiti culture I grew up with.

My contemporary artistic influences are graffiti and urban fine artists Rime Msk, Pose Msk, American pop urban artists Kenny Scharf, Australian pop artist Ben Frost, American artist Hebru Brantley, UK artist Sickboy, French graffiti and urban fine artists Tilt and Mist and American fine artist George Condo.

My historic influences are Picasso, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein and Frank Stella to name a few.

How do you go about planning a project?

I plan my space, my materials and my motivation. I keep journals which I catalog with city names and the year, and these have become like catalogs of thought, and visual language. I have running themes and interests. I begin a project with an idea, but with the knowledge that it will shift with the flow of inspiration that can be momentary. Ultimately my aim is to have my work be a pure balance of 50% conceptual framework and 50% emotive flow.

What have you been working on recently?

I have a body of nine pieces called 'emotions' which are faces based on feelings like 'Fear', 'Anger', 'Anxiety'  and 'Joy'. I also have a body of wood works based on past experiences, that have flowing expression and tell a story through explosive colour of time and place.

What attracted you to the HOODS project?

A car hood as a canvas is a very interesting concept and not something I have done before. I like the idea of my work appearing in this context, I feel the contrast and the attitude will be a great collision. My work has always had a rebellious energy, and is bold and highly energetic. This matches well with what I understand of hood based art. It feels raw and slightly aggressive, and I feel this matches my own artistic sensibility and this excites and inspires me.

Follow: @unwellbunny.