Red Rum | Rob Slater's Porsche 911 [with video]


Another month, another awesome 911 build. The last time we were over in Perth, we managed a quick shoot of this neat little outlaw 911.

This guards red 911 started out as a mid-seventies G-Series 911. The owner’s name is Rob Slater. We bought the car years ago now and originally built it up as an early lightweight R replica for Rob to compete in tarmac rallies with long-term mate and fellow Porsche nut Richard.


This car’s done a lot of events over the years, but when Rob stepped up into a later model GT3, we decided to give her a birthday and set it up more as a cool little outlaw that would be fun to drive on the weekends.

We cleaned up the body and went back to the stock early 911 guards. We took the roll cage out and put in some period seats and trim. Suspension-wise, we lowered it and now its running bigger torsion bars and adjustable sway bars with Bilstein shocks.

We are running 17" Fuchs replica rims. The engine is a single plug 3.0ltr with 964 cams and PMO carbs. We kept the rally exhaust because it sounds too damn good! The gearbox is a 915 with LSD and ratios.

With sticky R-spec tyres fitted the plan now is to just enjoy driving the car and not worry about a couple of stone chips. There's no stereo, it's stiff, it's noisy, the gearbox is hard work, but man is it fun to drive!

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