[Hoods Melbourne] Artist Profile: Dale Bigeni

On July 22nd, the Fuel Magazine x FXD x Holden art project HOODS will take place in Collingwood, Melbourne. Ten talented Australian artists will be showing their work on ten Holden bonnets. Here's an introduction to one of the artists, Sydney based Dale Bigeni.

How would you describe your art?

I'd describe my art as simple ideas which are detailed and time consuming to create, bold lines mixed with fine details and crisp edges.

Who/what are your influences?

Major influences are Maxx242 and most of the F4D (fighting 4 dreams ) crew in the states. skateboarding and tattoo culture also play a really big part in my design and art creation. Most things inspire me though to be real honest!

How do you go about planning a project?

Tons of research and development go into every project. I spend a few days establishing my concept, this is the main focus and most important part of my planning. Plenty of back and forth before I start refining any sort of artwork.

What have you been working on recently?

I have been working closely with The Shock Mansion on their new clothing brand. Having a blast creating so many different styles of art for them. It’s been nice to work with a team to build a brand from the very start. I’ve also been working on some projects with Wacom which has been awesome, seeing as I'm mainly a digital artist.

What attracted you to the HOODS project?

Outside of art, I'm a huge fan of cars. I've always had inappropriate cars; loud, low, fast and out of my realistic price range haha. So I guess having the chance to be apart of Fuel Magazine’s show was an easy decision. I was pretty excited to be apart of it and then when I saw the artist line up, was honoured to be alongside some of my friends and idols. It’s intimidating but I'm really excited about my artwork.

Follow Dale: @artbydale.