Auto Film: AC x PD | The 964 - Lowered Porsche 911 on BBS Alloys

In a world full of crazy builds, air slammed rides, RWBs and other widebody cars, we tend to forget the finer things in the import scene. Clean classic cars are a rarity nowadays, and I can only count a very few amount of cars off the top of my head that fits this description. Enter Jason Mendieta's Porsche 964. Combining together a lot of research and a simple artistic view, we are treated with this crisp and clean build.

Production Notes
I've been toying with the idea of creating a camera rig setup for my car to shoot on the roads and I've finally got around to doing it. A wide angle camera mounted to the exterior of my car is then wirelessly tethered to my monitor. While in the cabin, I can safely control both my gimbal and my camera without putting myself or any of my crew in danger. Pair this awesome footage with my Panasonic G7 and it became a great recipe for run-n-gun car shoots.

Director & DP - Andrew Linga
Car camera operator - Joseph Villafranca
Car owner - Jason Mendieta

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Andrew Linga