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SALT, SWEAT & HIGH SPEEDS: Vincent Rapide Land Speed Racer

Every year since 1990, Lake Gardiner in South Australia has played host to the DLRA’s (Dry Lakes Racers Australia) speed trials. It’s our equivalent to Bonneville’s famous Speed Week but in true Aussie style, you’ll need to be prepared to “rough it” if you want to attend. You won’t find any fancy motels or facilities nearby and the heat will have you sweating from every pore of your being, but when you’re out on the salt you won’t be hear any complaints from the event veterans and regulars. This year the salt came alive on the 18th of February for the 4 days of speed trials. It was earlier this year than usual due to bad weather shutting it down in previous years and everyone was eager to get going. Our esteemed leader and man behind the camera Luke Ray, made the pilgrimage from Melbourne out to the lake to witness the event and returned to us with much more than sunburn and sweat rash.

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