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The KDS Van: Part 3

Visit number three in the KDS van saga, and it was time to flake. Karl had been busy prepping his Bedford CF for paint. By the time I arrived to shoot, he’d already silver flaked the whole front clip and the dash. On the morning of my visit, Karl was just doing the past preparations for painting the right side of the van that day.

The KDS Van: Part 2

Karl’s been busy with the CF since we last caught up with him last year. At that point in time, Karl was working on the body lines of the van and getting things straightened up. The end goal for the Bedford is a high end custom paint scheme with a high gloss finish, so getting things straight at this stage is of course imperative.

The KDS Van: Part 1

You don’t have to go far to stumble across Karl Stehn and his work. Karl has successfully built up a reputation for himself and his studio KDS Designs as one of the finest custom painting outfits that Australia has to offer. His blog,, sums it up in just one statement.. “POSSESSED TO PAINT”.