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Tried & Tested: TriBSA Sidecar racer

Words: Geoff Baldwin Photography: Luke Ray.

In the early eighties the build of the Francis family TriBSA sidecar started thanks to Allen’s good friend Don Cooper. Don and Allen were racing a BMW R69S and were enjoying some success before a couple of “catastrophic” blow ups. Allen decided it was probably wise to have a back-up incase they experienced another blow up and were left sitting on the sideline. As it turned out, Don had a frame, a set of BMW forks with a front wheel and other various bits and pieces which he donated to the cause. With that Allen decided to put together a Triumph/BSA racing outfit like he had owned in the ‘60s and the project began.

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Hydro Hot Rod: Hustler Vintage Race Boat

Mario Bonnici (Marz to his friends) was on the lookout for an early ski boat when he stumbled across a wooden hulled ‘60s example. The asking price was above and beyond his means, but Marz knew she was something special.  He couldn’t get her out of his mind. “American day was on at Flemington in Victoria, and the Classic Wooden Power Boat Association were there displaying some of their boats,” he recalls. “It was then when I met a guy named Leigh. I started talking to him about the boats there and I mentioned Hustler

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Auto Film: This Howling Mazda RX-2 Is A Killer Bee

“In Australia, you’ve got several options; cricket, you have football, you have cars, and my dad was a car racer back in the day,” says Jason Humble. “So I was fairly blessed as a kid—I got to spend a lot of time at the race track.”

When it finally came to owning and running his own race car, Humble had fallen in love with small, revvy, mighty, rotary-powered Mazdas"

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Auto Film: The Race of Gentlemen - Race to TROG

"DKS! spent eight months documenting the build of a 1928 Ford Roadster. Check out BMX’er Heath Pinter as he builds the roadster and treks cross-country to participate in The Oilers Car Club "The Race of Gentlemen.

Take a ride with DKS! and Heath as they travel on a cross country journey to The Race of Gentlemen in Wildwood, NJ. Follow along as they test drive the Ford Roadster on a dry lake bed in California, ride Harley Davidson Scramblers in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and get down with some BMX action in the caverns of Louisville, Kentucky.

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