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SUMTHN SPECIAL: 1945 K Model Bedford Pickup

Words Karlee Sangster Photography Luke Ray.

Darren Bevan (Bev, to his mates,) already had a few cars. A nice FC, and EJ to drive the kids around in, a Chev roadster... that sort of thing. Nice cars. Tidy rides. His mates had hot rods, and Darren went to swaps and events and often came away with something large enough to fit in the bed of a truck. But he didn’t have one. This was a problem.  A furniture removalist by trade, Darren travelled more than your average guy. On one work trip, he spotted a possibility on the side of the road. That possibility turned into a sale, and not long after, Darren was the owner of a rather unfinished 1945 K model Bedford pickup. A truck of his own.

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