Boardtracker: Kickass Choppers Harley-Davidson Evo

When I saw this bike the last thing I wanted to do was ride it. Knowing how much it was likely to be worth combined with the fact that it looked like a form over function build my initial reaction was to politely decline. However, Luke’s excitement and my own curiosity convinced me to give it a go.

Got Stance: Mizuno Works 1977 Nissan Laurel

The fist of the unplanned shoots! Not only did we have limited expectations from the Mizuno Works visit, we definitely didn’t know that Sato-san’s 1977 Laurel would be there. So when we arrived and it happened to be there (ok, ok, I guess they knew a magazine was coming..) it was a pleasant surprise.

Australian Made — The Cars Of Mad Max: Fury Road

Monday morning, right after a full-on week for Mark Natoli. Mad: Max Fury Road had opened in Sydney on the Thursday prior, the world premiere of the film. Various Fury Road vehicles had been shipped in for the premiere and extensive marketing exercises leading up to it.

Carkrush: Ladies Who Drive

Carkrush builds community through networking, education and connecting women to the process of building, maintaining and driving their dream car. All of the women we photograph own the car that they are photographed with.